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PERfECT makes a global impact!

PERfECT wearables is funded by: ITC Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme (National Key R&D Program), and UGC Theme-based Research Scheme.

PERfECT System

PERfECT (A coin-sized wearable biosensing platform) is reported by 中國科協(科技導報)美國科學促進會AAAS美国化学会英國Physics. Org中國新聞網香港創新科技及工業局廣東省政府新浪搜狐香港大公報香港文匯報, Engineer, HospiMedica, MorningNews, BioSpectrum, Byteclicks 等數十家政府,科技,以及學術媒體。

Our president, Prof. Xiang Zhang, visited WISE for PERfECT (11, 2022).

The Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Ms Rebecca Pun, and the Dean of HKU Engineering, Prof. David Srolovitz, presented the Award to the student team working on PERfECT (10, 2022).

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) exhibits PERfECT in the GeronTech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES 2022)

HKU selected PERfECT as one of the eight representative projects to showcase the University’s breakthroughs in technology innovation in the InnoCarnival (10, 2022).

PERfECT is selected as the only “Killer Demo” of EEE on HKU Info Day (10, 2022).

Prof. Xueji Zhang, Vice President of Shenzhen University, visited WISE for PERfECT (08, 2022).

PERfECT is promoted by world-renowned researchers of the OECT community.